Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Gaddafi Archives" Exhibit in London

For anyone in, or visiting, London, from June 21-29 at the Slade Research Centre there will be an exhibit called "The Gaddafi Archives - Libya before the Arab Spring" as part of the London Festival of Photography.  The description states (with my emphasis at the end):
Through carefully collated photographs, documents, artefacts and videos this exhibition will shed light on the recent history of Libya, starting with the reign of King Idris and spanning the regime of Colonel Gaddafi. The exhibition will highlight photography’s role in recording and documenting an important period in Libya’s history that we can only now begin to truly understand. Pictures and documents from state intelligence buildings and destroyed Gaddafi residences that were found by Human Rights Watch's emergencies director Peter Bouckaert, and recorded and photographed at the sites, will be presented. All original materials were left where they were found after being photographed or have been since been returned to the National Transition Council in Libya.
Coverage by the Guardian here (thanks rainbyte).  Previous coverage of seized documents from Libya is here, here, here, and here.