Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Temporarily Unavailable" CIA Records Schedules

Lauren Harper has a piece on Unredacted (the blog of the National Security Archive) highlighting the unexplained disappearance of 27 CIA records schedules that were previously available on the National Archives website. Lauren provides the list of those earlier schedules courtesy of the Internet Archive.  Just to follow up, I am posting below 24 of the 27 of the removed - "temporarily unavailable" - schedules in full-text (which I had downloaded before they were pulled):

Arms Control Inspection Files: N1-263-92-2

Center for Weapons Intelligence File Series Identification - Records: N1-263-02-4

CIA - Historical Review Program Files: N1-263-97-2

CIA - Maps: N1-263-06-2

CIA - Star Gate Records: N1-263-02-1

CIA - Posters - Agency Officials, Facilities, Operations, Achievements, Historical Commemorations, Other Mission-Related Subjects: N1-263-98-1

CIA - Absence of SF 115 for Job No. N1-263-93-02: File for N1-263-93-02

Cover Files: N1-263-97-3

File Series Identification: Directorate of Intelligence, Trade Data Aggregation and Recovery System (TRADAR): N1-263-02-3

File Series Identification: Gray Literature: N1-263-03-1

Financial Disclosure Form (FDF): N1-263-99-2

Grombach Files: N1-263-07-8

Intelligence Document Collection - NFIB (excepte CIA and Non- NFIB Reports): N1-263-93-3

Investigative Files CIA: N1-263-95-1

Media Highlights CIA: N1-263-08-1

Office of Foreign Assets Control Files: N1-265-91-01

Operational Activity Files: N1-263-06-1

Other Government Agency Referral Files: N1-263-02-2

Records of the Pacific Corporation: N1-263-00-1

Schedules of Daily Activities, CIA: N1-263-99-3

Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States - National Commission Records - September 11, 2011: N1-263-05-1

Thrift Savings Plan Files - 1986-Present: N1-263-97-1

Troy Working Papers: N1-263-87-1

Working Files: N1-263-03-2