Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yet More from the Captured Libyan Documents

The documents captured in Libya as the Qaddafi regime are gifts that keep on giving.  New stories based on the documents are in The Telegraph ("Western allies of MI6 'kept in dark' over mosque sting plan"), The Mail ("Secret documents reveal MI5 agents betrayed Libyan dissidents to Gaddafi spies in London rendezvous just 700 yards from Harrods"), and on the BBC ("Government investigating MI5 Libyan betrayal spy claim").

Among several allegations are that, as summarized by the BBC:
The Mail on Sunday claims Libyan spies working on UK soil were supplied with intelligence, a luxury safe house in Knightsbridge, west London, and secure mobile phones.  The paper says MI5 "betrayed the confidentiality that refugess are promised when they apply for asylum", citing documents "unearthed from Libyan spymasters' archives" after the Gaddafi regime was toppled last year.
A Home Office spokeswoman said the department did not comment on operational matters because of safety issues. . . .  But she added that parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee was already looking into the government's relationship with Libya "and will take account o any allegations raised by this report." 
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