Monday, June 11, 2012

U.S. Gov't Wants More Time to Consider Sanctions Against Russia Over Jewish Archives

A quick follow up on Judge Lamberth's recent invitation to the U.S. Government to provide its views regarding possible contempt sanctions against the Russian Federation, the Russian State Library, and the Russian State Military Archives for failing to surrender a Jewish library and archives in the Chabad v. Russian Federation case (for full background see here and here).  On Friday the U.S. government filed a two-page "status report" which asked for additional time until August 10, 2012 to respond noting:
The plaintiff's motion raises significant issues that require further consideration by the Executive Branch before a final decision can be made with regard to the response by the United States to the Court's order. The United States is actively engaged in its deliberations with respect to those issues. The United States expects to complete its deliberations by August 10, 2012, and intends to advise the Court of its position by that date. The United States respectfully requests that any decision addressing plaintiff's motion be deferred until it has completed its deliberations. The United States appreciates the Court's invitation and its consideration in this matter.