Sunday, July 14, 2013

Abbottabad Commission Report Confirms Seized Bin Laden Documents in Pakistan

The recent leak of the Abbottabad Commission report (available here), provides a brief confirmation that Pakistan is in custody of additional documents from the Bin Laden compound left behind by U.S. forces following the May 2011 raid.  Paragraph 26 of the leaked report, for example, notes (emphasis added):
In addition, the Commission reviewed documents submitted by different government agencies, as well as those recovered from the OBL Compound in Abbottabad. . . . Some of the very extensive evidence collected from the OBL Compound was examined and several technical discussions were held with experts. 
Earlier reports (discussed here) had indicated that as many as 187,000 documents were recovered by the Pakistani government from the Abbottabad compound that reportedly included Bin Laden "diaries" and correspondence.

Meanwhile, no additional documents seized from the compound by U.S. forces have been released beyond the original 17 documents made public last year, although there have been some indications that more are being considered for release as well as additional calls on the administration to release them.

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