Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NMIA's 2012 Counterintelligence Symposium UPDATE

UPDATE: Cryptome has retrieved and posted a cached copy of the full schedule here (thanks to John Young and John Cook).

The National Military Intelligence Association's 2012 Counterintelligence Symposium will be held on July 26, 2012.  Attendance is restricted to U.S. intelligence professionals with at least a Secret security clearance, but some interesting topics will be covered.

In particular, Andrew Staller from the National Media Exploitation Center, Defense Intelligence Agency, is scheduled to talk on new "tools" in counterintelligence including a "Document Exploitation Triage Tool," a "Media Exploitation Triage Tool," and something called the "Social Media Residual Information Tool (SMIRK)," which sounds fascinating, frightening, and disturbing all at once. Unfortunately, in another illustration of the need to download anything interesting on the internet before it disappears (which I guess is part of the reason the world needs tools like SMIRK), the NMIA's detailed schedule of the Symposium is no longer on their website.