Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PhD Scholarship and New DOMEX/DOCEX Job Openings

Benjamin Isakhan, whose work on the destruction of Ba'athist property in Iraq I noted in a recent post, sends word that he is currently advertising a PhD scholarship (here and here) for an aspiring PhD student to work with him on a fascinating project, funded by a grant from the Australian government, called "Measuring the Destruction of Heritage and Spikes of Violence in Iraq."  The description states:
Since the invasion of 2003, Iraq has suffered an extraordinary era of both heritage destruction and devastating spikes in violence. The core aim of this project is to empirically test the assumption that a significant relationship exists between these two phenomena. To do this, the project will develop the world's first database of heritage destruction in Iraq via interviews, archival research and fieldwork. This database will then be correlated with existing measures of violence in Iraq to determine the precise nature of their relationship. This will set the precedent for studies of both heritage and violence and enable policy formation towards the minimization of heritage destruction and spikes in violence during times of conflict.
Note that this is based at Deakin University in Australia. Deadline Feb. 13, 2012.

On the DOMEX/DOCEX front, there are also some interesting new job openings:

DynCorp is looking for a Staff Officer to lead and manage "coordination efforts for all NMEC's [National Media Exploitation Center] document and media exploitation (DOMEX) operations on both a domestic and global basis."  The Staff Officer would also act "as NMEC's sole representative when participating in policy discussions and working groups with senior DoD and intelligence senior leadership."

SAIC is advertising for a couple of different positions (here and here) working with the U.S. Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, NC providing, among other things, "Technical Exploitation (TECHEX) and Forensics support (including Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) of computers, data storage media/media devices and Cellular Phone Exploitation (CELLEX), including Satellite Phones."  SAIC is also looking for a an Assistant Program Manager to work at Camp As Saliyah, Doha Qatar - the ideal candidate should "understand the IC's (especially DIA's) working environment and the DOMEX process."