Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Threat of U.S. Court Action on Iraqi Archives

Here's a new piece by Mouhammed al-Tayyeb in AKnews, with a repeat of Iraq's Taher Hamud's threat to pursue an action in U.S. court for the return of Iraqi records from the 2003 war, this one focusing exclusively on the Iraq Jewish Archive:
The documents contained a trove of centuries old Torahs and Haggadas, in addition to marriage records, university applications, financial documents seized by the Iraqi secret police from the homes of Jews as they fled Iraq under pressure and amid persecution, with only a handful remaining.
Claiming the documents were the properties of the Iraqi people, the Iraqi government has been making efforts to return the documents, but to no avail so far.
“Iraq will go to the judiciary in case the relevant US committees continue the procrastination in handing over the Jewish archive and other national documents” said taher Hammoud.
Taher Hammoud, who is also head of a committee tasked with negotiating with US authorities to return the Jewish archive, said “The Iraqi Culture ministry is beginning to feel that the US is procrastinating” he said.