Friday, June 7, 2013

No Progress in Negotiations with Russia over Jewish Archives

The plaintiffs in Chabad v. Russian Federation filed a notice to the court yesterday indicating that despite the efforts of the State Department in "government-to-government" negotiations with the Russian Government, "with which Chabad has cooperated," none of the materials from the historical Jewish library and archives that are the subject of the litigation have been transferred to the United States. 

In January, as reported here, Judge Royce Lamberth issued $50,000 per day contempt sanctions against Russia for failing to comply with the Court's 2010 Order to transfer the collections to the Plaintiff. 

Given that the subsequent efforts to obtain the collections have failed Chabad noted in yesterday's filing that it "hereby reserves its right to pursue and enforce the remedies that the Court has granted.  A status conference is set for later this month.

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